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Fandango Media Group is a digital studio specialized in graphic design, web design and illustration. We are dedicated to helping clients create their brand and culture by providing eye catching, professional design services. Our team is formed by graphic designers, illustrators, fine artists, web developers and copywriters passionate about visual communication. By combining our creative forces, we produce beautiful and intelligent designs that help brands thrive in a connected world.
We create hand-drawn and digital illustrations that can be used for all digital and print advertising, marketing, books, applications, games, ebooks, storyboards, manuals, presentations, product support, e-learning courses and a lot more. We also design characters and mascots. Learn more >>
We create modern, clean and professional websites that are affordable and easy to maintain. Our designs are flexible, which allows future expansion and development. We balance aesthetics and function to produce the perfect visual communication. Learn more>>
Logos come in many categories: Symbol or icons, wordmarks, lettermarks, combination marks and emblems. We design logos that are striking and appropriate for your type of business. Focused on target audience, marketing objectives, and on attracting more business. Learn more>>
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Cristianne Fritsch
Cristianne Fritsch
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Tatyana Holodnova
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Vlad Yelizarov
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