10 must-have features for a restaurant’s website

Have you noticed that many restaurant websites are often outdated and fail to meet the needs of current users. For example, if the website is done in Flash, it not only takes a long time to download to your computer, but is also absolutely invisible and not accessible from mobile devices. The French Laundry, a…

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Website Analytics and Goals

Why do you have a website? What is the purpose of your website, and what do you want people to do when they visit it? These are important questions to ask in order to define goals. If you are an e-commerce site, then you want people to check out with your shopping cart. If your…

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Image is Everything

If you’ve ever sold your house then you’ve probably had a real estate agent suggest making some improvements, because real estate agents know how important it is to make it attractive—prospective buyers need to be able to imagine themselves living there. It’s all about presentation. These same principles used in selling a house can be…

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Any Size Fits All: The Responsive Website

The responsive website is like a new superhero who can stretch or shrink to any size, change his appearance, grow another head or a couple more arms, or hide his head, depending on the feat at hand. The arena is the screen. Whatever the device, from smartphone to smart TV, the responsive website adapts so…

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Virtual is Real. It used to be that to have a business you had to have a physical location, a brick and mortar “store.” There were costs involved with this: rent, insurance, offices, equipment and office supplies. Employees would have to come to the office to work. They were on the clock. They had to…

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Things to consider for effective postcard advertising

Postcard advertising is a cost-effective way of getting your message out there and generating client response. Here are some tips you should follow when engaging in a direct marketing, postcard ad campaign. Make it Clear. The Billboard Side. The client should know at a glance what you are advertising. If the front is cluttered with…

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5 things your designer wish you knew

Vector Vs Bitmap Bitmap images are based on pixels, which means that you will see pixels if it is enlarged more than 100%. You have all seen images that get jagged around the edges when enlarged. Unlike bitmap vector formats can be enlarged indefinitely because they’re not based on pixels but on lines that can…

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15 redesigned logos that don’t suck

A corporate identity or a brand is the overall image of a corporation or business in the minds of customers, investors and employees. In the world of corporate and brand identity, big companies spend a lot of money to redesign their logo to stay ahead of their game and on top of the competition. Top professional designers are hired to…

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Step-by-step guide for working with a logo

Before starting to work on your project, we feel it’s important to run through the process of creating a logo. Your logo is a visual representation of your company. If it’s done right it can establish a timeless brand identity and lead to a long term relationship with your clients. In order to create a…

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Do you have a product like this?

The Vial I wanted to find a way to make money with a capital M. It had to be something small that you could sell at the market and people would go nuts, they would be lining up to get theirs because this would be the thing. Nobody has it, it would be something you…

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